About Dahle Orchards

Dahle Orchards was established in 1984 by Timothy Dahle. The operation is a family farm consisting of 380 acres of mostly high density, pedestrian orchards. Our focus is on fruit quality, food safety, worker safety, and sustainability. The "pedestrian" system allows us to pick fruit without ladders, increasing worker safety and efficiency.

We are certified by GLOBAL G.A.P., an international farm certification agency, for food safety and sustainable practices. We use many organic methods and have significant acreage in organic transition. In order to control orchard pests naturally, we have built and placed two hundred houses for owls, kestrels, bats, and small insectivores (bluebirds, wrens, etc). We also established flowers and host plants for beneficial insect predators.


By planting early varieties at low elevations and late varieties at elevations up to 2400', we have cherries from June through early August. Modern science is confirming the old Chinese adage, "Cherries are good for the body." This summer indulge in sweet healthy cherries!